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Ever Hit a 1,068% Return on Ad Spend? I Have...

I've spent the last 10 years building highly-successful PPC lead generation strategies for over 50 different companies. I've worked at small businesses, startups, digital marketing agencies, ad networks, & a few large global companies. I've even helped one startup company scale from $0 to $150 million in revenue in 3 years with no outside funding. That's because I obsess over results. I also have 17 certifications in marketing, copywriting, web dev, media buying, and sales, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Cal State University, Long Beach.

Here's the main reason to trust me with your media dollars. I've just recently changed my business model so that I charge only based on a percentage of your ad spend (20% to be exact), therefore I can only make more money from you if you're making more money from me. In other words, my pricing is now built in such a way that I will obsess over getting you to scale up profitably. 

I'm looking for long-term client partnerships. If you have good products that aren't selling, schedule a 30-minute chat with me.

"From day 1 my company started seeing his marketing plan paying dividends."

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I'll continually optimize your lead generation for more leads/sales so that I can help you grow your business.

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What I Do

I will actively optimize your lead generation using my 10 years of experience, routine a/b tests, data-backed research, and new insights.

No more cookie-cutter copy, design or slow pages that prevent converting visitors. This is a crucial element of your buyers journey.

Everything from on-site SEO, to page speed, to mobile responsiveness, to ease of doing business with is on the table as areas for improvement.

I'll create and manage new ads across ad sources such as Google, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and niche ad networks.

Whether you need instant email alerts, direct lead integrations to a CRM, a web chatbot, or custom paramaters passed, I've got you covered.

The compliance requirements in the digital world (like GDPR, ADA, FTC) are getting strict and more complicated. I'll help reduce these compliance risks.

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- CEO of Multi-Million Dollar Business

"It's as simple as this. Troy develops and manages a marketing strategy that just plain works! From day 1 my company started seeing his marketing plan paying dividends. On top of that, Troy was an absolute pleasure to work with. From start to finish everything in our project went smooth and as planned. Speaking of his plan, it was detailed and professional. He developed a marketing funnel that is working wonders for my company and he really directed what was said perfectly to my customer. Any time there was a change needed or something tweaked, he was on top of it and nothing ever slipped through the cracks. I personally recommend Troy 100% and couldn't be happier with how everything worked out. I will definitely be using him again in the future for other projects! Top notch!"

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The High-Level Details of My 
Lead Generation Marketing Services

The Easy, Affordable Service That Creates New Happy Customers

The 30,000 Ft. View of My Digital Ad Service.

Careful Ad Management

Ever Hit a 1,068% Return on Ad Spend? I Have...

Fucking Magical Digital Ads
That Grow Revenue Bigly.

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My price is 20% of ad spend, if you're interested in seeing if I'm a good match for your business growth goals, let's chat!

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Pick a Time to Chat!

Let's Chat!

My price is 20% of ad spend, if you're interested in seeing if I'm a good match for your business growth goals, let's chat!

Pssst... Here's Some Really Good Shit You've Never Heard.

These Are My Personal Secrets From Real Experience

Most marketing secrets are junk because they don’t come from the marketers that are in the trenches working in real companies, getting real results. They come from gurus. I've personally spent the last 10 years building highly-successful marketing strategies for over 50 different companies. I've even helped one startup company scale from $0 to $200 million in revenue in 4 years with no outside funding. 

I’m talking about marketing for roof repair, lawyer tools, specialized hardware, food, custom skis, architectural design, smartphone apps, research, gold IRA’s, broadcasting equipment, cat toys, SaaS, CBD oil, christian leadership groups, charities, media publications, artist courses, trading education, trade show events, auditing services, and pretty much anything else you can think of...

1) Skip “Failing Fast” andSteal Marketing Intuition

You don’t need to “fail fast” for 30 years to naturally accumulate useful marketing experience. You can quickly build great marketing intuition by observing the results of 100’s of marketing tests. If you google “conversion rate optimization case studies” you’ll find endless marketing tests. Read as many of these as you can until your eyes bleed. You’ll instantly get better at driving sales.

2) Your Don’t Need a Blog Just “Because”

“Well you gotta have a blog!” No, you don’t. Thousands of companies manage to grow without a blog. According to Marketing Profs, there’s over 2 million blog posts published every single day on average. If you want to compete in the blog-o-sphere, you’ve got to have a better reason than “because”. If you want to create content, go low on quantity and high on quality.

3) Be Careful On Proprietary Martech Platforms

People don’t want to 17 different tools for their marketing, so they turn instead turn to "do-it-all platforms" like Keap and Hubspot. However, once your marketing assets and data are formatted for these massive proprietary platforms, switching off of them gets tedious, they leave you subject to price increases, and you can't retrieve your valuable marketing data.

4) The "Fluffy Side" of Marketing Can Be Powerful

At the end of each month, you need ROI, not "pizzazz". Design is often on the chopping block. The truth is, a picture "can" be worth 1,000 words... but what if those 1,000 words were garbage? There is a big difference in impact between awful stock images and the high-quality, value-conveying type of imagery you might find on Netflix's homepage background. 

5) The 7 Deadly Sins Can Help You Sell

The 7 deadly sins are as follows: Greed (material wealth or gain), gluttony (wanting more than needed), lust (craving pleasure), envy (desiring another’s status), pride (self-glorifying), sloth (lazy, don’t want to work), and wrath (unleashing anger). We hard-wired to enjoy these things. Other powerful marketing emotions include include fear and great joy.

6) Stay Malleable with Brand, Media, & More

If you're sued over your branding, lose your domain name, or your main paid media source skyrockets in cost, can you easily adapt? Is the logo and name on every page of everything? What if Google starts to favor AMP significantly more than HTML... Do you have 10,000 pages to move individually or can you quickly pivot and capitalize on the benefits? 

7) If Content is King, Then Demo Is Overlord

Content marketing preps your leads, but demo's can auto-close big deals... When you were offered a test drive by that car dealership or you got that 14-day trial for that SaaS company, (and if the product was good), it sold the product with direct experience instead of "selling". How many $45,000 cars or $20,000 SaaS products have you bought just because of the "content"

8) "Best Practices" Are Training Wheels at Best

While applying generic best practices perfectly to a specific business well get better results than shooting from the hip, it will not get you hokey-stick growth. Go to growthhackers.com and read their growth studies. You'll find all 16 ignored generic advice, and often found just one specific channel, offer, and strategy to find insane growth, pivoting as necessary.

9) Look At Your Funnel Like You Look at Others

Your marketing looks good because it's yours. You'll never see (of fix) the problems until you do this... Pretend you are an extremely skeptical prospectReally picture that person, and BECOME them. Will you buy? Do you think the competition has a better product or a better deal? What do you REALLY think of the ads, content, website, service, and products?

10) Dominate an Ultra-Lean Business Model

Here's an example I love. The entirety of a growing startup called Morning Brew is a daily email with short-format news aimed at millennials.  Their money is made from ads in that newsletter. That's it. No major worries about SEO, social media presence, paid ad management, product management, technical issues, refunds, testimonials, etc. It's just... simple.

11) Play It Stress-Free With Less Products

You know why In-N-Out can crank out quality food at the speed of light? They only have 3 products. It also allows their operation to run smoothly, never have a hiccup, and reduce stress of their employees.

12) A Simple-as-Dirt Website Can Be Enough

The "website" has been dead for a decade. Entire businesses now run their entire sales funnel without touching the website by leveraging apps and social/shopping channels. What's left instead on their domain is a simple squeeze page and a thank you popup... sometimes with an up-sell. That’s it. No wasted time building out a full website on WordPress or maintaining an elaborate custom website.

13) Don't Create a Huge Whiteboard Funnel Diagram

As mentioned above, the website is just a squeeze page and a thank you. Guess how much you can save by not paying a full team of digital marketers to constantly churn out new campaigns and optimize all of the funnels? A lot. Every company is doing this. You won't stand out. You'll blend in. Guess how saturated the whiteboard marketing funnel strategy is in your industry in 2021. Very.

14) Spend 95% of Your Time Perfecting One Landing Page

If you've crafted a winning offer, then you should have one squeeze page to focus most of your conversion rate optimization efforts on, and that page will convert as high as 60% - 80% from icy traffic.

The page must have all of the major elements dialed:

- A killer, lights-out marketing hook
- One simple, benefit-oriented headline
- Great hero shots showcasing value
- Value-packed bullet lists
- Proven high-conversion template
- No unnecessary navigation
- A clean and provoking CTA
- Powerful testimonials
- No “urgency” (we Millennials and Zoomers hate this $#!#)

15) Always Continue With Leftover Attention

After opting in or buying, many companies just send leads to their end destination. However, it's often best to harness their new leads full attention to either up-sell or incentivize a referral. It's usually the lowest-hanging fruit in terms of optimization.

16) A Standard Buyer Persona is Absolute Shit

The highest-impact marketers follow the same rule on buyer personas or avatars. They focus on painting. a full short story around their ideal target buyer, instead of a list of their demographics and psychographics. Literally write a 10 page story about prospect X, and everything little detail they experience in their day, incorporating facts and data where possible. By doing this, you'll be forced to walk in their shoes, and make a message that's hyper-relatable and breaks through the noise.

17) Speak to a Crystal-Clear Desired End Result

Going back to my Morning Brew example...

Headline: “Become Smarter in Just 5 Minutes.”
Sub-head: “Join us and start your day with the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley.”

There’s no way to misinterpret the value to be gained by joining their newsletter. If you want to be smart and “in the know” about key business happenings, you’ll join.

Their single displayed testimonial is also worth highlighting here:

“For the first time, I read news about business and didn’t fall into an unconscious daydream.”

It showcases the non-dull, won’t bore you with numbers angle of their newsletter. Not to mention, their hero shot is of a newsletter on an iPhone, and the newsletter illustrates that same tone.

18) You Need Top-Quality Creative Writing, Nothing Less

Standard content used to be 500 words and provided almost no value. Now, standard content is 2000 words, with rich imagery, provides a fair amount of value... but it is tasteless and boring. He'll, even AI is writing some portion of content now. We're at a tipping point. 

You need writing that is timely, fact-based, packed with value, no fluff, entertaining, and some other element to stand out. You want your readers to feel like they are watching the Mandalorian, not a dry blog article about "how to do X."

19) Balance Cut-Throat Direct-Response with Brand

There are two big "schools" of marketing. Brand marketing is more traditional. It's concerned with image, appearance, market position, feelings... Thing is, brands are everywhere, ads are many... Direct response marketing is strictly ROI focused. Direct response style copywriting and design has also flooded your market. To truly stand out AND move prospects through a funnel, a balance of both will help you carve out marketing-style niche that others are neglecting.

20) Consider Opening Attention Loops on Occasion

Some companies maintain a 45%+ open rate on their email list (although this is subject to how clean you keep it). You don't want to use clickbait for subject lines, but you can ride the line on it. You probably know how effective it is to bait the open, but you know your audience would turn on you if you used straight clickbait. The middle ground is a bait and switch subject line, in which they peak your curiosity, get you to open the email, then lead with something else. Always make a point to answer what was addressed in the subject line, but it comes later, typically buried, in the email.

21) Format Disruption is a Magical Attention-Getting Tool

In most email provider GUI’s, email senders have an icon or profile image that populates next to their name. In most cases, the image is cropped in the shape of a circle. When someone sends you an email, with a vibrant branded logo icon (in the shape of a triangle, coffee mug, or whatever else) with a transparent background, it looks pretty prominent against all the other dull, similar circle shapes. This is just one very tiny example of format disruption, but it can be used in multiple ways on many mediums. It's also what separates winning ads from losing ads, even if the ad is "perfect".

22) "Frequency-Train" Your List To Make The Most of It

Sending an email every single or every other business day (and some weekend days) without fail does something more than just provide you with the opportunity to pump up sales…

It is a known fact in email marketing that if you establish a strong cadence from the start with your emails, customers will, more or less, expect your content at that strong frequency and be less irritated than had you suddenly ramped up.

300 emails sent vs. 30 emails sent is going to win in every case (as long as you don't drop your content quality to increase the frequency).

23) Chop Your Content Into Chunks, Please

God forbid I say your content should be snack-able... Worst marketing jargon ever devised.

If one section bores you, it’s easy to move to the next. Each section is also prominently labeled so it’s easy to find which sections interest you the most.

24) Incentivizing the Referral is My Favorite Growth Lever

You can incentivize to refer other leads after opting in, or after buying. Oh, and at the end of every email. This gives you dozens or hundreds of opportunities to get referrals out of your existing subscribers. You can incentive in at least four different ways:

- Plain old asking based on a great customer experience (great things get referrals)
- High-quality free content offers (your leads very naturally gives other new leads something cool)
- Single-side financial incentives for referring (the referrer get's a spiff)
- Double-side financial incentives for referring  (the referrer and referree both get a spiff)

25) Develop a Culture of Statuses

Your progress as a customer can be tracked. You can assign status symbols very easily by creating levels such as Bronze, Sliver, Gold, and Platinum (please be more creative than those names) for how much customers consume and even give special breaks or gifts for their loyalty. The same can also be done if a referral program is tracked. Even better, the progress is shown in each email with a dynamic meter. This simple tactic gives off a feeling of status. Are you a die hard member, or are you not? This promotes sharing even more so than standalone incentives.

26) Do Haha's, But Don't %$@ Up or You Get %$#@'d Up.

You’ve probably seen a lot of attempts at humor in advertising throughout your life. Most of them leave prospects with a black face of boredom, or worse, leave them literally cringing at the ad and telling whoever around them how bad it was (and no, any publicity is not good publicity). That’s because humor is hard, but a select few do a pretty good job of it.

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